Girls Freshman Sideline Cheer, Girls Varsity Sideline Cheer · 2019-2020 RHS CHEERLEADING SCHOOL YEAR


With the opening of Rockvale High School, things are different for us this year. Still unsure of who will attend Riverdale, as well as so many students coming from other high schools, the coaching staff at Riverdale have decided to have an informational meeting before offering try-out packets to perspective candidates. This meeting will address all information necessary for try-outs, including zoning eligibility.

To be eligible for try-outs, it is MANDATORY for both the candidate and a parent to attend this meeting. It will outline our plans for the year, fundraising and behavior expectations, as well as our calendar, with scheduled practices, camps, games, and fundraisers, that must be followed by each cheerleader.

The night of the meeting is Tuesday, February 12, 2019 in the annex cafeteria beginning promptly at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will last until approximately 8 p.m. Again, to be eligible to try-out for Riverdale cheerleading the candidate AND a parent must attend this meeting. There are no exceptions.

We look forward to meeting with you as we begin a new year with exciting additions to our program that Riverdale has not participated in many years, including adding competition to our schedule. Hopefully, any questions you have will be answered at the meeting.

Please direct any questions to Brooke Wyant at

See you on the 12th, and DALE YEAH!

The Riverdale High School Cheerleading Coaching Staff