Warriors News · Congratulations to Alexandria Hamilton and N’dia Metcalf! JPJ Foundation of Murfreesboro 2020 Scholarship Recipients!


Congratulations to the JPJ Foundation of Murfreesboro 2020 Scholarship Recipients!  This marks our 20th Year of awarding scholarship to the deserving minority candidates from the Rutherford County, TN high schools.  Due to the coronavirus we were not able to host our fundraising events this spring but through kindness and generous donations from the Murfreesboro Community and abroad we were able to provide awards to these over-achieving students!  The student are awarded based on Grades, ACT/SAT scores, but more importantly on school activities and leadership in the community.

Alexandria Hamilton – Riverdale High School, MTSU $500*** 
Brennon Marsh – Siegel High School, UT-Chatt., $500
Celina Williams – Blackman High School, Xavier-Ohio, $750
Kesna Vounzi – Central Magnet School, Reed College, $1000
Lauren Mitchum – Central Magnet School,Vanderbilt,  $1000
N’dia Metcalf – Riverdale High School, MTSU, $500*
Tasani Patterson – Lavergne High School, Fisk, $500
Timothy Phillips – Seigel High School, George Mason, $750
Kamayah Scruggs – Oakland High School, Spellman, $500**
Olivia McGlory – Blackman High School, Cumberland, $500

*Byron Motley Memorial Scholarship
**Jan McKinley Memorial Scholarship
***Saroj Bhuva Memorial Scholarship

www.jpjfoundation.com  $jpjfoundationmurf