Mission Statement

To provide a quality track and field program design ed to enhance the fitness development and self- esteem of young men and women at Riverdale High School.  Our mission is to take “dis” out of disability. What you have left is “ability”. And that’s what is important. The disabilities will enable them to see what their abilities really are. It will teach them a lot about character and determination. We want their accomplishments to examples to others that they,  oo, can accomplish whatever they set out to do. Things you can look for:
1. You will have an equal opportunity to be apart of our program
2. Family environment (Together as One)
3. A great education that will prepare for the future.
4. Increase of Track & Field IQ
5. Quality Weight Program that will allow you get: Bigger, Faster, and Stronger. This will enhance your skills in every capacity.
6. Individual and Team Training
7. Participate in some of the toughest track an d field events statewide and nationally.